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Foshan - Macau Bus Travel


Foshan - Macau Bus Ticket Booking and Reservation

   You can travel from Foshan to Macau by bus or flight.
   In the following table, you will find depature point, destination, detailed timetable, ticket price as well as riding distance for travel from Foshan to Macau by bus. Please read it carefully before choosing the transportation mode and planning your bus travel.
  To make you browse the webpage more easily, we have divided it into several parts, please click on corresponding link below to browse what you are interested in.
  1. Foshan to Macau Bus Schedule and Fares
  2. Useful Tips on Foshan-Macau Bus Travel & Ticket Booking
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Foshan Shiwan to Macau Bus Schedule

Departure Station Departure Time Arrive Station Duration Ticket Price (RMB)
Foshan Shiwan 7:00 Macau 2-3 70 Yuan
Foshan Shiwan 7:45 Macau 2-3 70 Yuan
Foshan Shiwan 8:30 Macau 2-3 70 Yuan
Foshan Shiwan 11:15 Macau 2-3 70 Yuan
Foshan Shiwan 13:30 Macau 2-3 70 Yuan
Foshan Shiwan 15:00 Macau 2-3 70 Yuan
Foshan Shiwan 16:30 Macau 2-3 70 Yuan
Foshan Shiwan 17:30 Macau 2-3 70 Yuan

Useful Notes for Bus Travelers:

Part I: Advantage and Disadvantage of Travelling by Bus in China

  1. Advantage: In China, people often use bus for short and middle distance journey (30-300km) as it provides fast and convenient service. Most of the time, passengers can board the bus shortly after their arrival as they don't have to queue up in a very long line to purchase or reserve tickets. Unlike trains, buses are available even between very remote areas. Bus is not as crowded as train and bus ticket can be purchased or reserved easily.
  2. Advantage: Passengers are allowed to take large suitcases to travel by bus without additional cost. Passengers can just place their luggage and baggage in the trunk of the bus.
  3. Disadvantage: Bus traffic is highly influenced by weather and road conditions. Bus service may be cancelled under heavy rain or snow, high wind as well as other extreme weather.
  4. Disadvantage: Bus & coach cause more motion sickness than train or flight. What's more, most buses used for short and middle distance travel have no toilet.
  5. Disadvantage: Bus is less safe and less often on time than train or flight.
  6. Useful tips: Don't travel by bus in the bad weather. For those long distance travelers, we would suggest you do best to reserve a flight or train.

Part II: Information on Long Distance Bus Stations in Foshan

No. Station Address Telephone
1 Dongfang Guangchang Bus Station No. 87, Jinhua East Road, Chancheng District. 0757-82306135
1 Foshan Shiwan Bus Station No. 9, Jiangwan 2nd Road, Chancheng District. 0757-82705762
2 Foshan Bus Station No. 6, Fenjiang Middle Road, Chancheng District. 0757-82232940
3 Gaoming Bus Station No. 202, Cangjiang Road, Gaoming District. 0757-88635106
4 Guangfo Bus Station No. 95, Zhongshan Balu 020-81815490
5 Guangfo Lukou Bus Station No. 8, Luocun Street, Huangqi Town,Nanhai. 0757-85927947
6 Lanshi Bus Station No. 288, Damalu, Lanshi Town, Chancheng District. 0757-83836347
7 Nanhai Guanjiao Bus Station No. 70, Yiyuan West Road, Guanjiao Town, Nanhai District. -
8 Nanhai Heshun Bus Station lihe Road, Heshun Town, Nanhai District. 0757-85101018
9 Nanhai Bus Station Foping Road, Guicheng Town, Nanhai District. 0757-86330348
10 Nanhai Xiqiao Bus Station Jiangpu East Road, Xiqiao Town, Nanhai. 0757-81188987
11 Nanhai Xiaotang Bus Station West 3rd Ring Road, Xiaotang Town, Nanshan District. 0757-866671170
12 Foshan Sanshui Bus Station - -
13 Shunde Bus Station Nanguo Middle Road, Daliang District, Shunde 0757-22339622
14 Zumiao Bus Station No. 2, Chengmentou Road, Chancheng District. 0757-82297254

Part III: Foshan Bus Ticket Booking

  1. To travel from Foshan by bus, passengers can purchase tickets from ticket window of the departure bus station directly. You can also try to purchase tickets through ticket agency, or even try to let the hotel receptionists to purchase ticket on your behalf.
  2. Chinese website sells bus tickets online. Passengers can use it to book buses departing from almost all bus stations in Foshan city. Advance bus ticket reservation period is about 7 days in advance.
  3. Useful Tips: Don't try to reserve bus ticket online unless you have someone here in China to assist you. As an expatriate traveler, you may meet languange as well as payment problem in making online reservation .

Part IV: Other Useful Notes

  1. Bus listed above run on daily basis. Bus timetable is specified in GMT+8 Beijing China Time Zone and ticket price is quoted in RMB Yuan.
  2. You can trust: Bus schedule timetable and ticket fare listed here are almost 100% correct and up-to date. We will update the page whenever there is any change.
  3. Want to travel China by train? Please search China Train Guide.Com for the latest train timetable and price.

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