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Zhuhai - Hong Kong Bus Travel

Zhuhai - Hong Kong Bus Ticket Booking and Reservation

   You can travel from Zhuhai to Hong Kong by bus or ferry.
   In the following table, you will find depature point, destination, detailed timetable, ticket price as well as riding distance for travel from Zhuhai to Hong Kong by bus. Please read it carefully before choosing the transportation mode and planning your bus travel.
   To make you browse the webpage more easily, we have divided it into several parts, please click on corresponding link below to browse what you are interested in.
  1. Zhuhai to Hong Kong Bus Schedule and Fares
  2. Useful Tips on Zhuhai-Hong Kong Bus Travel & Ticket Booking
  Have any problem for bus travel, or want to purchase bus tickets through us? Please send your enquiry to elinorzhu at gmail dot com.

Zhuhai Jida to Hangkong Prince Edward Station Bus Schedule

Departure Station Departure Time Arrive Station Duration Ticket Price (RMB)
Zhuhai Jida 7:30 Hangkong Prince Edward Station 1-2 100 Yuan
Zhuhai Jida 8:35 Hangkong Prince Edward Station 1-2 100 Yuan
Zhuhai Jida 9:30 Hangkong Prince Edward Station 1-2 100 Yuan
Zhuhai Jida 10:30 Hangkong Prince Edward Station 1-2 100 Yuan
Zhuhai Jida 13:30 Hangkong Prince Edward Station 1-2 100 Yuan
Zhuhai Jida 14:30 Hangkong Prince Edward Station 1-2 100 Yuan
Zhuhai Jida 16:30 Hangkong Prince Edward Station 1-2 100 Yuan
Zhuhai Jida 17:35 Hangkong Prince Edward Station 1-2 100 Yuan

Useful Notes for Bus Travelers:

Part I: Advantage and Disadvantage of Travelling by Bus in China

  1. Advantage: In China, people often use bus for short and middle distance journey (30-300km) as it provides fast and convenient service. Most of the time, passengers can board the bus shortly after their arrival as they don't have to queue up in a very long line to purchase or reserve tickets. Unlike trains, buses are available even between very remote areas. Bus is not as crowded as train and bus ticket can be purchased or reserved easily.
  2. Advantage: Passengers are allowed to take large suitcases to travel by bus without additional cost. Passengers can just place their luggage and baggage in the trunk of the bus.
  3. Disadvantage: Bus traffic is highly influenced by weather and road conditions. Bus service may be cancelled under heavy rain or snow, high wind as well as other extreme weather.
  4. Disadvantage: Bus & coach cause more motion sickness than train or flight. What's more, most buses used for short and middle distance travel have no toilet.
  5. Disadvantage: Bus is less safe and less often on time than train or flight.
  6. Useful tips: Don't travel by bus in the bad weather. For those long distance travelers, we would suggest you do best to reserve a flight or train.

Part II: Information on Long Distance Bus Stations in Zhuhai

No. Station Address Telephone
1 Zhuhai Gongbei Bus Station No. 1, Lianhua Road, Gongbei. 0756-8885218
2 Zhuhai Kouan Bus Station Kouan Square, Gongbei. 0756-8281003
3 Zhuhai Jiuzhougang Bus Station No. 599, Qinglv South Road. 0756-3262136
4 Zhuhai Shangchong Long Distance Bus Station No. 33, Mingzhu North Road. 0756-2116222
5 Zhuhai Xiangzhou Long Distance Bus Station No. 142, Zijing Road, Xiangzhou. 0756-2116222
6 Zhuhai Gongbei Tongda Bus Station No. 36, Weiji Road, Gongbei. 0756-2116222
7 Zhuhai Doumen Bus Station No. 389, Lianqiao Road, Baijiao Town, Doumen District. 0756-2116222
8 Zhuhai Jing'an Bus Station No. 311, Zhongxing Middle Road, Jing'an, Doumen District. 0756-2116222
9 Zhuhai Sanzao Bus Station Nanli Road, Sanzao Town, Jinwan District. 0756-2116222
10 Zhuhai Hongqi Bus Station Guang'an Road, Hongqi Town, Jinwan District. 0756-2116222
11 Zhuhai Pingsha Bus Station No. 141, Yingyan Road, Pingsha Town, Jinwan District. 0756-2116222
12 Zhuhai Nanshui Bus Station Nanshui Xinjie, Nanshui Town, Jinwan District. 0756-2116222
13 Zhuhai Airport Bus Station Arrivals Hall of Zhuhai Airport. 0756-8111333
14 Zhuhai Nanxi Bus Station (Pick-up Station) Nanxi Village, Qianshan Town, Xiangzhou District. 0756-2116222
15 Zhuhai Jinding Bus Station (Pick-up Station) No. 1, Jinfeng Road, Jinding Town, Xiangzhou District. 0756-2116222
16 Zhuhai Tangjia Bus Station (Pick-up Station) No. 1088, Tangqi Road, Tangjia Town, Xiangzhou District. 0756-2116222
17 Zhuhai Xipu Bus Station (Pick-up Station) No. 9, Xinqing 2nd Road, Doumen District. 0756-2116222
18 Zhuhai Jida Bus Station (Pick-up Station) No. 45, Haibin South Road, Jida Town, Xiangzhou District. 0756-2116222
19 Zhuhai Hengqin Bus Station (Pick-up Station) Hengqin Kouan. 0756-8688688
20 Zhuhai Wanzai Bus Station (Pick-up Station) Wanzai Kouan. 0756-8823866

Part III: Zhuhai Bus Ticket Booking

  1. To travel from Zhuhai by bus, passengers can purchase tickets from ticket window of the departure bus station directly. You can also try to purchase tickets through ticket agency, or even try to let the hotel receptionists to purchase ticket on your behalf.
  2. Up to now, there is no website that provides online bus ticket booking services for passengers to travel from Zhuhai by long distance bus.
  3. You don't have to purchase bus ticket in advance unless you are traveling during the busiest season, or you are traveling on some extremely hot routes.

Part IV: Other Useful Notes

  1. Bus listed above run on daily basis. Bus timetable is specified in GMT+8 Beijing China Time Zone and ticket price is quoted in RMB Yuan.
  2. You can trust: Bus schedule timetable and ticket fare listed here are almost 100% correct and up-to date. We will update the page whenever there is any change.
  3. Want to travel China by train? Please search China Train Guide.Com for the latest train timetable and price.

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