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Guangzhou Tianhe Bus Terminal

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  1. Bus Station Introduction
  2. Bus Station Address & How to Get there
  3. Routes and Schedules
  4. Tickets & Reservations
  5. Bus Boarding Procedures
  6. Service Amenities


The state level Guangzhou Tianhe Bus Terminal locates at No. 633, Yanling Road, Tianhe District (天河区燕岭路633号). It was put into operation in January 1997 with a construction area of more than 20,000 square meters.
Tianhe Bus Terminal is known as the busiest bus station in Guangzhou with daily ridership of approximate 35,000. In peak travel season, it can even send 90,000 passengers on a daily basis.
The bus station opens from 6:10 am to 10:00 pm, Monday to Sunday and the customer service telephone number is 86-0020-37085070.

Guangzhou Tianhe Long Distance Bus Station
Guangzhou Tianhe Long Distance Bus Station

How to Get there

Tianhe Bus Terminal has competitive advantage in physical location. Here you can travel to almost any place in Guangzhou downtown in about 30 minutes using the city's advanced metro system.

  • 🚇 Best way to travel to Guangzhou Tianhe Bus Terminal is to by the metro. Passengers can take Guangzhou Metro Line 3 or Line 6 and alight at the Tianhe Coach Terminal Station and leave from B exit to walk to the main gate of Tianhe Bus Terminal.
  • 🚌 Bus routes 236, 252, 257, 28, 290, 297, 303, 30, 39, 46, 503, 535, 54, 564, 65, 84A, 884, 89, B12 and Night bus 10 stop at Shangyuangang Station (上元岗站).
  • 🚌 Bus routes 28, 297, 30, 39, 46, 503, 534, 535, 54, 84A, 84, 884, B11 and B 12 stop at Tianhe Bus Terminal(天河客运站).
  • 🚌 Bus routes 126, 236, 252, 257, 290, 303A, 503, 564, 65 and 89 stop at Tianhe Bus Terminal(天河客运站总站).

Guangzhou Tianhe Long Distance Bus Station
B exit of Tianhe Coach Terminal Station on Guangzhou Metro Line 3 and Line 6 faces the main gate of Tianhe Bus Terminal.

Bus Routes and Schedules

Guangzhou Tianhe Bus Terminal operates 127 inter-provincial bus routes for East China including Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi as well as 108 provincial bus routes for Zengcheng, Huadu, Conghua, Qingyuan, Shaoguan, Huizhou, Meizhou, Heyuan, Haifeng, Lufeng, Shanwei, Jieyang, Shantou, Jiangmen, Maoming, Zhanjiang, Zhaoqing, Yunfu, Yangjiang, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Foshan, Zhuhai, Zhongshan and etc.
On a normal day, there would be more than 1,800 times of buses leaving here for East Guangdong, West Guangdong, North Guangdong and even East China regions .

Guangzhou Tianhe Long Distance Bus Station
A Look inside of Guangzhou Tianhe Bus Terminal, here you can find guide signs in both Chinese and English languages pointing you the way to ticket halls, waiting areas, ticket vending machines and etc.

Tickets and Reservation

Guangzhou Tianhe Bus terminal sells tickets both online and offline.
For people who want to purchase tickets directly from the bus station, it has self-service ticket machines on the ground floor and ticket office on the 2nd floor. Since ticket machines can't read the passport, international travelers will have to go to ticket office on the 2nd floor to purchase their tickets. Bus, flight and train tickets are all sold under real-name system in China and international travelers should submit their passports and pay Renminbi cash to purchase bus tickets there.
Tianhe Bus Terminal is very busy and crowded in weekends and holidays. For people traveling on tight schedule, it is a smart choice to secure your seat by reserving ticket in advance through online travel agency such as China Bus Guide.Com and etc. Once your ticket has been reserved, you will be able to board your bus using your passport and e-ticket that China Bus Guide.Com will provide. It will save you a lot time on queuing up to purchase ticket offline!

Guangzhou Tianhe Long Distance Bus Station
Service desk of Guangzhou Tianhe Bus Terminal. Passenger meet any problem on bus travel can go here to ask for assistance.

Waiting and Boarding Notices

Guangzhou Tianhe Bus Terminal has waiting halls on both ground floor and the 2nd floor. It also has dedicated waiting rooms for passengers going for Huizhou Region, Shenzhen Guangming New District and etc.
It has as much as 52 ticket gates and different gate may correspond to different travel destinations. Passengers please take special noice and go to corresponding gate which is indicated on your paper ticket or E-ticket to check in. Each ticket gate has electric bulletin board displaying destination, scheduled departure time, bus delay status and etc to keep passengers well informed.
It has complex and troublesome security check procedures which would cost you additional time. People who wants to travel using reserved E-ticket are advised to arrive the bus station for at least 30 minutes in advance and people who need to collect or purchase paper tickets are advised to arrive the bus station 60 to 90 minutes in advance to make sure you will leave enough time to go through related procedures.

Guangzhou Tianhe Long Distance Bus Station
Baggage storage lockers at Guangzhou Tianhe Bus Terminal.

Service Facilities

Guangzhou Tianhe Bus Terminal features:
🛈 Drinking areas and WCs on both ground floor and the 2nd floor.
🛈 Left luggage facilities.
🛈 Multiple charging stations for mobile devices.
🛈 Free Wifi.
🛈 Restaurant and shops.

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