Ningbo to Jiaxing Bus Timetable and Ticket Price

Bus Code Departs Arrives Operating Hours Frequency(Minutes) Distance(km) Duration(Minutes) Ticket Fare(CNY Yuan)
Nbnjxz Line Ningbo South Jiaxing Central 7:00-17:00 60 0 -- 70
Nbnjxb Line Ningbo South Jiaxing North 7:00-17:00 60 0 -- 70

Ningbo to Jiaxing Bus Ticket Booking

Bus Code Departs Arrives Distance(km) Duration(Minutes) Ticket Fare(CNY Yuan)
Nbzxjx Line Ningbo Central
Jiaxing 0 -- 99
Please Note:
  1. 1.To book bus ticket, please send your booking details through Contact US form in the bottom of the web page.
  2. 2.  Comparing with bus, train is more fast and stable. You can search another popular website for China train schedule
  3. 3.  Please check bus station guide at the bottom of the web page to find your station name, address, travel advice and etc.
  4. 4.  Bus schedule and ticket price should be used for reference only. Even though we try best to provide accurate information, we can not guarantee it is 100% correct and up- to-dated.
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