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Travel Discussion from Beijing to Juyongguan Great Wall

Hi Admin,

I’ll be going to BeiJing in November, was wondering if you knew how long it takes to get to Juyongguan Great Wall? I want about 1.5hrs- 2 hrs at the wall, but I don’t want to spend more than 2 hours travelling to the Great Wall.

Do you know how long it takes to travel by bus?

Do you know how long it takes to travel by taxi?

Do you know how much it would cost for a taxi to drive you?

I’d like travel time to be as short as possible. Please help me. Thanks!


It’s hard to give you an exact answer on how long to travel to Juyongguan Great Wall from Beijing as I don’t know where will you depart from. As you know, Beijing is a big city and Juyongguan Great Wall is very close to its north outskirt area. If you are traveling from Changping district to Juyongguan Great Wall, it will take you very little time. Meanwhile, if you are leaving from the south part of Beijing for Juyongguan, 2 hours will not be enough no matter what transportation option you use.

Bus is not a good option in any occasion as you have time limitation. For example, the easiest transportation mode is to take No. 880 bus at Deshengmen and transfer to No. 68 bus at Changping Nankou Market station, which will takes you about 3 hours.

Taxi is a good option. Distance between Qianmen-the central location of Beijing and Juyongguan Great Wall is about 60km. Maximum riding time is under 2 hours and taxi fare is 150 Yuan to 200 Yuan for one way trip.

You can also choose to hire a car and driver dedicating for your journey. Quotation from travel agency is about RMB 600 Yuan for 1 car and 1 driver for 8 hours.

Vi says:

Thanks so much for your fast reply! Thanks for the great advice, I’ll look at getting a taxi or car to great wall of China.

I was wondering if there would be any free maps at the Beijing Train Station? Or free maps of bus lines and subway/train lines?

Also, how long do you expect to wait at a bus stop in Beijing? How frequently do the bus’s come? Thanks!



Train Stations in Beijing don’t have free mapping services. I know there are people selling paper maps, however, what they sold are mainly Chinese language maps.

Some websites do provide online mapping service. For Beijing city map, you can use this link , for subway map, you can use this link . To search bus route, please check this link . To search train schedule for getting around China, China Train Guide.Com is your best choice.

Frequent buses are available in most places of Beijing and you can expect the coming of the following bus 5 minutes after the last departure.


Thanks for your quick reply!

I got a quote from a travel agency of 550RMB for a 1.5hr tour at Juyongguan. I think it may be better to take the taxi since I also won’t need to stop by shops.

Are the taxi’s safe in Beijing? How trustworthy are they? Especially if I travel alone to the Great Wall? And are there many legal taxi’s waiting at Juyongguan around 11am/1pm?

Thanks so much for your help, Admin!


You can take it easy, it’s quite safe as long as what you take is a legal taxi. Plate number of legal taxi starts with a letter B.

If you feel the taxi driver is not trustworthy, you can try to negotiate a fixed price with him/her before the journey.

I can’t give you an exact answer on if you can find a legal taxi between 11am to 1pm near Juyongguan Great Wall as I never went there before. As it’s a popular travel destination, I would say there should be no problem to find a taxi there even though I can’t confirm how long will it take you.

Brian says:


You will really enjoy your trip to China! I have been living in Beijing for over 3 years. It is a wonderful city, but it is confusing for many people’s first time.

Juyongguan is one of the easier sections of the Great Wall to get to, and its also one of the cheapest. Don’t take a taxi there, you will be charged way too much money and won’t save that much time. Trust me – the taxi drivers will try to take advantage of you. They are safe but they rip foreigners off any way they can.

To go to Juyongguan by bus will take no more than 2 hours and will cost you 12 RMB for the bus ride. That’s it!

Juyongguan is my favorite spot of the Great Wall. It is hard to climb but getting to the top makes for an unbelievable view. Good luck and enjoy your trip!

samsam's Question:


I am in Peking University and would like to get a taxi (2 ways) to the nearest Great Wall segment. I suppose that will be JUYONGGUAN.

Do I just hail a taxi on the streets or do I need to call and book one?

Many thanks!


You can just get a taxi on the street and let the driver to ride you there. Advance booking is not necessary as far as I know.

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