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Travel from Changsha to Fenghuang Ancient City


hi, i’d like to get a train from changsha to fenghuang this week. can you tell me the right station please and whether there is availability. Also will anybody speak english at the station? thank you.


So far, Fenghuang Ancient City has no train station, so it’s not possible to get there by train. From Changsha, you can take a train to Jishou firstly and then change a bus to get to Fenghuang.

The best way to travel from Changsha to Fenghuang is by long distance bus. Comparing to the train, bus is more convenient and it costs less time. You can a take direct bus to Fenghuang at Changsha West Long Distance Bus Station, Changsha South Bus Station, Changsha South High Speed Railway Station or Changsha Changzhutan Bus Station. The first bus departs Changsha at 7:30 am and the last one departs at 17:20.

Changsha has more than 10 daily buses for Fenghuang Ancient Town. Riding time is 5-6 hours and ticket price is about 150 Yuan.

I am not sure if people at the station can speak English or not. To minimum misunderstanding, you can write the bus/train you'd like to book with your travel date on a paper note and purchase tickets by submitting your passport and the paper note.

Bus for Changsha to Fenghuang doesn’t accept online booking and you will have to purchase ticket directly from the bus station.

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