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How to Travel from Taiyuan to Pingyao

what is the best option to go from Taiyuan to Pingayo : bus, taxi, train ? And how much is it by bus, train, taxi ?

You can travel from Taiyuan to Pingyao by train, taxi or bus. Here are advantages for each transportation mode:

  1. Bus.
    Bus provides convenient service. You can take bus at Taiyuan Jiannan Bus Station from 7:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Sunday. Bus Interval is about half an hour. Time duration is under 2 hours and ticket price is about 30 Yuan. You can purchase ticket just on the spot. Most of the time, you can board the bus shortly after your arrival.
  2. Train.
    Search China Train Guide.Com for train schedule and ticket price by inputting Taiyuan and Pingyao in its searching boxes. As you can see, both high speed bullet trains and regular trains are available between Taiyuan and Pingao. It just takes about 40 minute to get to Pingyao from Taiyuan South Railway Station using the high speed train. It takes about 90 minutes to travel by the normal speed train leaving from Taiyuan Railway Station.
  3. Taxi.
    Riding distance between Taiyuan and Pingyao is about 100km and riding time is about 90 minutes on a taxi. To travel by taxi, you should negotiate price with the taxi driver.
  4. Tips:
    Pingyao is a small city comparing to Beijing and Shanghai. Pingyao ancient city is not far from either Pingyao Railway Station or Pingyao Bus Station. You can just walk to the ancient city from either Pingyao Railway Station or Pingyao Bus Station. While Pingyao Ancient City Railway Station, is about 8 kilometers away to Pingyao Ancient Town. You can take number 108 bus to travel from Pingyao Ancient City Railway Station to Pingyao Ancient Town which is available from 7:00 am to 8:30 pm Monday to Sunday. Riding time is about 50 minutes and ticket price is 1 Yuan per person.
  5. Conclusion Bus is the best option among other kinds of transportation methods. We don't recommend taxi unless bus or train is not available for you.

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