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How to Travel from Ningbo to Putuoshan


Dear Sir/Madam, hope you have a good day, please advice us on how to go Putuo Shan, thank you

  1. is there a combination of bus+ferry ticket to Putuo Shan?
  2. if no, does the Ningbo South Bus Station sell ferry tickets or we have to buy from Shenjiamen?
  3. how long is the bus and ferry ride?

Ningbo South Bus Station
Ningbo South Long Distance Bus Station is the firstly choosed station to many travelers to travel to Putuoshan

Best Way to Travel from Ningbo to Putuoshan

Yes, you should use both land and water transportation to travel from Ningbo to Putuoshan Island.

  • For ground transportation, you can leave from Ningbo South Station, Ningbo North Station or Ningbo West Station.
  • 1. Ningbo South Bus Station has around 60 daily buses for Zhoushan Putuo Passenger Transportation Center in Shenjiamen Town and it's the mostly used bus station to travelers. Travel time for this route is about 2 hours and schedule can be found here
    2. Ningbo North Station and Ningbo West Station have only around 10 daily buses for Zhoushan Putuo Passenger Transportation Center and they are not recommended unless you live close to either of the two stations.
  • From Zhoushan Putuo Passenger Transportation Center, it takes you 20 minutes to take city bus route 27 to Zhujiajian Wharf or 10 minutes to take city bus route 6 to travel to Banshengdong Wharf. We would advise you go to Zhujiajian Wharf to take ferry as it has better conditions than that of Banshengdong Wharf.
  • For water transportation, it takes 10 minutes to take ferry from Zhujiajian Wharf to Putuoshan Island or 20 minutes to travel from Banshengdong Wharf to Putuoshan Island. Ferry fare differs from 30 Yuan to 100 Yuan depending on types of ferry and seating.
  • Lastly, Ningbo South Station has 12 passenger vans which can take you directly to Zhujiajian Wharf. You can find its schedule here
Hope this helps.

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