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Shenzen International Airport to New Times Hotel


Hi, I would like to know which is the easiest to take, subway or bus from Shenzhen international Airport to New Times Hotel, Jiabin Road ( Heping Crossing ) Luohu District.

2. what is the approximate price?

3. How often does the trains or busses run.

I trust that you can help me.

Kind regards


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The easiest and most economic way is to take airport bus No. 330 to Hualian Mansion station and make a transfer there to get to Shenzhen New Times Hotel. No. 330 airport bus run from 5:30 to 21:00 Monday to Sunday. Bus frequency is 15 minutes and bus duration is 35 minutes. Ticket fare is Renminbi 20 Yuan each.

You can then take a taxi from Hualian Mansion to New Times Hotel as distance between the two places is just 3 km. To take a taxi, it takes you about 10 minutes and taxi fare is about Renminbi 20 Yuan.

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