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Shenzhen to Hong Kong Airport & Disneyland Bus Travel Advice

Shenzhen and Hong Kong are two neighboring cities with close tie in economy and culture. Everyday, there is a large number of tourists traveling between the two places and land transportation especially road transportation is the most popular way used.

In the following article, we will feature on bus transportation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong Airport as well as from Shenzhen to Hong Kong Disneyland to help you plan the journey.

Bus Stations and Addresses

You have two bus stations to choose to travel from Shenzhen to Hong Kong Airport and Disneyland, one is Shenzhen Futian Bus Station and another is Shenzhen North Bus Station. Shenzhen Futian Bus Station locates in Chegongmiao, in the west side of the overpass on Shen-Zhu Expressway in Futian District. To get to Shenzhen Futian Bus Station, passenger can just take Shenzhen Metro Line 1 and drop off at Zhuzilin Station and leave from the C exit to walk to Futian bus station.

Shenzhen North Bus Station locates on the west square of Shenzhen North High Speed Railway Station in Longhua New District.If you happen to arrive Shenzhen North Railway Station by the high speed train and want to continue the journey to Hong Kong Airport, this this your best place for deparutre.

Bus Schedule, Ticket Price and etc

Shenzhen Futian Bus Station has 30 daily buses for Hong Kong Airport and Disneyland from early morning 6:40 am to early evening 8:30 pm with the frequency of every half an hour. Riding distance from Shenzhen Futian Bus Station to Hong Kong Disneyland is 59 km and riding distance from Shenzhen Futian Bus Station to Hong Kong Airport is 60 km. Riding time is about 40 minutes and time on customs clearance is about 50 minutes, so total journey time would be 90 to 120 minutes. Price for one way ticket is CNY 120 Yuan.

Tourist using buses from Shenzhen Futian Station to Hong Kong Airport and Disneyland go through exit and entry procedures at Shenzhen Bay Port.

Shenzhen North Bus Station is 79 km to Hong Kong Disneyland and 80 km to Hong Kong Airport. Shenzhen North Bus Station has about 60 daily departures for Hong Kong Disney and Hong Kong Airport from 7:35 am to 7:35 pm. Bus frequency is every 15 to 20 minutes.

Total journey time from Shenzhen North Bus Station to Hong Kong Airport is about 2 hours including time on customs clearance at Shenzhen Bay Port. Ticket price is CNY 180 Yuan.

Please check detailed bus schedule from Shenzhen Futian or Shenzhen North to Hong Kong Airport in Related Article link.

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