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Shenzhen Railway Station to Shekou Port

I want to know how to get to Shekou Port from Shenzhen (Luohu) Railway Station?

Hello, you can get there using any of the following transport methods:

  1. By Subway:
    You can take Shenzhen Metro line 1 from Shenzhen Railway Station to the Window of the World Station firstly and then change to line 2 to get to Shekou Port. Operation hour for Shenzhen Subway is from 6:30 to 23:00. Riding time is about 70 minutes and ticket price is 7 Yuan.
  2. By Taxi:
    Are you traveling with big luggage? or are you traveling during the transportation peak hours? If so, you can get to Shekou by taxi. Distance between Shenzhen Railway Station and Shekou Port is about 30 km. Riding time is about 45 minutes and taxi fare is about 100 Yuan during daytime’s working hours.

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