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Yunnan Travel Advice: Yuanyang to Dali

Message: Hello! I am going soon to visit Yunnan. After Yuanyang, I want to go to Dali. I would like to know if there are direct buses between those 2 cities or will I have to go to Kunming first and Dali afterwards? Thanking you in advance for your answer, best regards

Yuanyang Xinjie Bus Station
Yuanyang Xinjie Bus Station

No, Yuanyang has no direct bus for Dali.
Just as you said, you can take a bus from Yuanyang to Kunming firstly and then change another one to continue the journey from Kunming to Dali.
You do have another way to travel. That is, go from Yuanyang to Jianshui by bus firstly and then change from bus to train at Jianshui to travel to Dali.
Comparing with bus, train is more stable and comfortable for long distance travel. If I were you, I would just choose this way.
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