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Beijing Liuliqiao Bus Station

Have a bus trip from Beijing to some other city? You may need to locate your bus station as well as how to get there and etc in advance. In the post, you will find all.

Liuliqiao Long Distance Bus Station

Liuliqiao Bus Station
Liuliqiao Long Distance Bus Station

Address: A1, Liuliqiao Nan Li, Fengtai District or 丰台区六里桥南里甲19号 in Chinese.
Getting there by Metro: Passengers can take Beijing Subway Line 9 or Line 10 and drop off at Liuliqiao Station and leave from either C or D exit to acces to the bus station.
Getting there by Bus: Liuliqiao Nanli is the closest bus stop to Liuliqiao Long Distance Bus Station. The following buses can take you there: 340, 941,982, 300, 323, 324, 349, 368, 483, 631, 687, 691, 698, 699, 836, 927, 937, 944, 968, 977, 993, Yuntong 103, Yuntong 108, Te 2, Te 7, Te 8. Yuntong 201 bus goes to Liuliqiao Bus Station directly.
Opening Hours: 5:30-19:00, Monday to Sunday.
Ticket Collection Point: Service Desk on the 2nd Floor.

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