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Chengdu Shangmaocheng Bus Station


Chengdu Shangmaocheng Bus Station, or Chengdu International Trade City Bus Station, is one of the three transportation hubs planned by Chengdu Municipal Government. It locates in the heart of the International Trade City, one of the most important business districts in north Chengdu New City.

Chengdu International Trade City (Shangmaocheng) Bus Station
Chengdu Shangmaocheng Bus Station

Shangmaocheng Bus Station was built on integrated movement of the former Hehuachi Bus Station by completely taking over its bus routes and operational transit buses.
It occupies an area of 23,345 square meters including 6,000 square meters for station house building with 48 platforms.

Address and How to Get here

  • Address: No. 1, Huixing Road, Tianhui Town, Jinniu District, Chengdu 成都市金牛区天回镇汇星路1号
  • Opening Hours: 6:10 to 18:30, Monday to Sunday
  • Getting Here by Bus
    🚌Bus routes 38,110,129, 50, 103, 46, 527, 651, 667 and 683 stop at Chengdong Shangmaocheng Station.
    🚇Chengdu Metro Line 5 which is still under construction has a stop at Shangmaocheng Bus Station.

Bus Routes and Directions

Shangmaocheng Bus Station has a fleet of more than 500 buses large and medium operating on 174 routes which includes 23 inter-province routes, 126 inter-city routes and 25 inter-county routes. The bus station has more than 600 daily departures serving 15,000 to 20,000 passengers per day.
As of October 2017, leaving from Chengdu Shangmaocheng Bus Station, passengers can take direct buses to travel to Luzhou, Yibin, Neijiang, Weiyuan, Longchang, Xuyong, Ziyang, Leshan, Zizhong, Shifang, Zhongjiang, Beichuan, Jintang, Huayang, Longquan, Pixian in Sichuan Province, Bishan, Dazu, Tongliang, Tongnan, Fengdu, Rongchang in Chongqing city, Bijie, Xishui, Dafang in Guizhou Province and Zhenxiong, Weixin, Yongshan, Shuifu, Suijiang in Yunnan Province.

Travel Advice

Shangmaocheng Bus Station has good hardware facilities even though it is remote from downtown. The bus station sells tickets both online and offline and passports are required to international travelers to purchase/reserve tickets.

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