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Daocheng Bus Station

Name: Daocheng Bus Station
Chinese Name: 稻城汽车站
Address: No. 21, Dexi Street, Daocheng County, Ganzi Prefecture
Chinese Address: 四川省甘孜州稻城县德西街21号

Daocheng Bus Station
Daocheng Bus Station

Daocheng Bus Station was built in December 1985. For ground transportation passengers, it's the only station that you can use to get to (or leave from) Daocheng. Even though the bus station is small, it has a remarkable location which is quite close to Xueshan (Snow Mountain) Square in the downtown. With just 6 employees, the bus station has buses for 3 destinations including Chengdu, Kangding and Shangri La. All buses leave Daocheng in the early morning at 6:00 am. During the busy travel seasons including April to May, September to October, bus tickets would be sold out quickly, so it's better if you can have tickets reserved in advance to make sure eveything goes smoothly as planned. The bus station may add bus during the busy travel season, cancel some bus routes in the off season or under the extreme weather condition.

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