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Guilin Qintan Bus Station

The city Guilin has two long distance bus stations. The largest one is Guilin General Bus Station (桂林汽车总站) with Guilin Railway Station severl hundreds meters away. Another one is Guilin Qintan Bus Station (桂林琴潭汽车站) with Guilin Liquan Brewery in its neighbourhood. Our purpose to write this article is to introduce Guilin Qintan Bus Station to you.

Guilin Qintan Bus Station - Address and Bus Routes

Address: No. 31, Cuizhu Road, Xiufeng District, Guilin 桂林市秀峰区翠竹路31号
Opening Hours: 06:30 to 19:30

Guilin Qintan Bus Station is also known as Guilin Tourist Hub. It locates 2 km southwest to Guilin Railway Station in the downtown. Except for the Yangshuo Line, the general bus station has long distance bus services only. While Qintan Station mainly serves short distance tourists.

Guilin Qintan Bus Station
A Photo of Guilin Qintan General Bus Station.

Qintan Bus Station is the exclusive station to travel to the following destinations: Fenghuang Ancient Town, Longsheng Longji Rice Terraces, Rong'an County, Yongfu, Luzhai, Sanjiang, Luocheng, Yizhou, Jinchengjiang, Suqiao and Tongdao Dong Autonomous County in Hunan Province.

How to Get to Qintan Bus Station

🚆 Passengers can take No. 91 bus to travel from Guilin Railway Station to Qintan Bus Station. Riding time is 20 minutes and ticket price is CNY 2 Yuan.
🚌 From Guilin North Railway Station, you can take No. 1 bus to get to Guilin Qintan Bus Station. Riding time is about 1 hour and ticket price is CNY 2 Yuan.
🚌 Other buses that goes to Qintan Bus Stations are bus routes 2, 12, and 23.

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