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Guilin South Bus Station

Chinese Name:桂林汽车客运南站
✉ Address: On the West Side of Kaifeng Road and South Side of Chadian West Road, Xiangshan District, Guilin
🕖 Chinese Address: 桂林市象山区凯风路西侧,茶店西路南侧
☎ Telephone: 0086-773-2822666. Please note, the operator speaks Chinese only.
🕖 Opening Hours: 06:00 to 22:00, Monday to Sunday.
⚠ Advance Ticket Reservation Period: 15 days
☛ Ticket Collection Point: automatic ticket collection machine or ticket window
🚌 Getting there by Bus: City bus routes 12, 28, 96 and K99 stop at South Bus Station (汽车客运南站).

Guilin South Bus Station
Main Gate of Guilin South Bus Station

Guilin South Bus Station opened on July 31, 2018 with the purpose to replace the shabby Guilin General Bus Station. As of July 31, all bus routes which mainly include Guilin to Yangshuo line, Guilin to Pingle line, Guilin to Gongcheng line, Guilin to Mengshan line, Guilin to Hezhou line, Guilin to Shenzhen line, Guilin to Guangzhou line and so on operated by the Guilin General Bus Station have been successfully transfered to Guilin South Bus Station.

Guilin South Bus Station
Ticket Hall of Guilin South Bus Station

Guilin South Bus Station has 8 ticket windows selling tickets to people who can't purchase tickets online. Those who purchased tickets online can go to the ticket collection machines nearby to have their tickets printed.

Guilin South Bus Station
City Bus Stop of Guilin South Bus Station

Four bus routes stop at Guilin South Bus Station. Bus route 12 runs for Guilin Qintan Bus Station, bus route 28 runs for Jingpingshan Bridge, bus route 96 runs for Guilin Yuanlin Botanic Garden and bus route K99 runs for Guilin Railway Station, Guilin General Bus Station, Guilin North Railway Station and Guilin North Bus Station.

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