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Huangshan Scenic Spot Bus Station

In terms of public transportation, the famous tourist city Huangshan has one airport, two train stations and two bus terminals, naming Huangshan Tunxi International Airport, Huangshan Railway Station, Huangshan North Railway Station, Huangshan City Bus Station and Huangshan Scenic Spot Bus Station respectively. Huangshan Railway Station is located close together with Huangshan City Bus Station in the downtown Tunxi District.

In this article, we will feature on Huangshan Scenic Spot Bus Station as most tourists to Mt. Huangshan would use it, at least, as a transfer station.


Huangshan Scenic Spot Bus Station
Huangshan Scenic Spot Bus Station is also known as Tangkou Station. It opens from 6:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Sunday.

Huangshan Scenic Spot Bus Station, also known as Huangshan Scenic Area Bus Station, Huangshan Tangkou Bus Station, Huangshan Tourist Transfer Center or Huangshan Tourist Hub, is the closet bus station to the famous Mt. Huangshan. Its exact location is at Chamuling, Zhaixi Village, Tangkou Town, near the south gate entrance to Mt. Huangshan.

Mt. Huangshan, as one of the best destinations in the world, attracts millions of tourists to pay visit year by year. Comparing to the increasing tourist volume, the roads and parking space turn insufficient. That’s why the Huangshan Municipal Government invested 80 million Yuan and built the so called Huangshan Scenic Spot Bus Station which covers an area of 120 Mu. The parking lot can host 1,000 vehicles large and small.

Transportation Advice

Huangshan Scenic Spot Bus Station
Entrance Gate to Shuttle Bus for Cloudy Valley Temple

Inbound tourists taking coach buses, sedans, taxi and etc are not allowed to drive to Mt. Huangshan Scenic Area directly. In another word, you will firstly have to drop off at Huangshan Scenic Spot Bus Station and then change to the site shuttle bus to ride for Mountain Huangshan. Shuttle buses run for different directions, you can go to either Mercy Light Pavilion (or Ciguang Pavilion ) in front mountain or Cloud Valley Temple (Yungu Temple) in back mountain. Both Mercy Light Pavilion and Cloud Valley Temple have ticket office nearby from which you can purchase entrance tickets and cable car ticket to check in to climb the mountain. Shuttle buses leaves approximate every 15 minutes. Riding time is about 20 minutes and ticket price is CNY 19 Yuan for one way journey.

Same for return, most tourists down from the mountain would firstly choose to take the shuttle bus for Huangshan Scenic Spot Bus Station in the south gate before they leave for Tunxi, Taiping, Hangzhou, Shanghai and etc.

Schedule of Huangshan Scenic Spot Bus Station

Huangshan Scenic Spot Bus Station has direct long distance buses for Hangzhou, Shanghai, Suzhou, Qiandao Lake, Nanjing, Ningbo, Wuhu, Huainan, Tongling, Anqing, Jiuhuashan as well as frequent, short distance buses for Tunxi, Xidi & Hongcun Villages, Huangshan North High Speed Railway Station, Shexian, Yixian, Huangshan North Gate, Huangshan Hot Spring and Yansi.

Two daily buses including one at 7:20 am and another at 15:00 are sent from Huangshan Scenic Spot Bus Station to Shanghai. 6 daily buses are available from Huangshan Scenic Spot to Hangzhou from 6:40 am to 17:00.


Huangshan Scenic Spot Bus Station
The Service Desk of Huangshan Scenic Spot Bus Station. Travelers who purchased tickets online should come here to collect their tickets. The service desk also provide left luggage service. Next to the service desk is a ticket window selling long distance bus tickets from Huangshan Scenic Spot Bus Station to Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou and etc.

You can show up to purchase ticket directly from the ticket window of Huangshan Scenic Spot Bus Station or you can reserve ticket in advance through bus ticket booking portal . Buses for Shanghai, Hangzhou and etc are quite busy during the peak periods including weekends and holidays and reserving in advance is the best way to secure you with a seat.

Passenger should go to the service desk to collect tickets booked online. To do so, you should submit the booking record and passports for all your travel mates. The staff will firstly check the consistency between identities of passengres and the booking order number before he/she can issue tickets to you. You can provide the booking record in electric or scanned copy as long as it’s clear enough to read.

Passengers to pick up tickets booked online are advised to arrive the bus station 45 minutes before bus departure.

Guide on Bus Boarding

Huangshan Scenic Spot Bus Station is a medium scale station that’s easy to navigate. You can find the LED board displaying the bus direction in both Chinese and English languages at every entrance gate. Just follow it and check your ticket and go through the passage to board your bus.

As of May 2017, long distance traveler leaving for Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing and etc should go to the waiting hall on the 2nd floor to check your tickets.

Restaurants, Shops selling drinks and local specialty are available nearby. It is possible to bargain price with shop owners as well.

Final Comment

Huangshan Scenic Spot Bus Station is clean and tidy with an user friendly environment. It suits well with backpackers who have free travel itineraries as it’s reachable to main tourist attractions in the big Huangshan region.

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