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Shenzhen Longhua Bus Station

☑ Chinese Name: 深圳市龙华汽车客运站
✉ Address: Longguan East Road, Longhua Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen
✉ Chinese Address: 深圳市宝安区龙华镇龙观东路
☎ Telephone: 0086-755-28114518. Please note, the operator speaks Chinese only.
🚌 Getting there by Bus: City bus routes 312, 332, 624, 882, b792, e16, e1, e31, e34, e36, m112, m152, m225, m243, m263, m269, m282, m354, m361, m372, m392, m408, m424, m477, m538, m543, ne31, Shenzhen - Dongguan bus route 2 stop at Longhua Bus Station (龙华汽车站).

Shenzhen Longhua Bus Station
Shenzhen Longhua Central Bus Station

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