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Banna Bus Station Guide

Name: Banna Bus Station
Chinese Name: 版纳客运站
✉ Address: No. 3, Minhang Road, Jinghong City.
✉ Chinese Address: 西双版纳景洪市民航路3号.
🕖 Opening Hours: 07:00 to 18:00, Monday to Sunday.
☏ Telephone Number: 0691-2124427. The operator speaks Chinese only.

Xishuangbanna Banna Bus Station
Banna Bus Station

🚌 🚕 🚲 🚶 Public Transport Guide: City bus route 3 has a stop at Banna Bus Station. Visitors can also take taxi, ride bikes or walk there depending on which way is convenient.
Destination Guide: ⇛ Even though Banna Bus Station mainly offers short to medium distance bus service, it also has long distance interprovincial bus routes for Guizhou, Hunan and etc. Some of the destinations you can go from Banna Bus Station are: Mengman Town, Daluo Town, Mengsong Town, Nanguohe, Xiaguan, Xiangyun, Wenshan, Midu, Nanjian, Hekou, Baoshan, Puer, Ning'er, Mohei, Babian, Meizijie, De'an, Mojiang, Jinggu, Jingdong, Zhehou, Wenhua, Wenjing, Qingliang, Lancang, Saihan, Fubang, Shangyun, Zhutang, Huimin, Menglian, Meng'a, Ximeng, Wild Elephant Valley, Yuanyang Nansha and etc in Yunnan Provice, Kaili, Guiyang, Anshun in Guizhou Province as well as Shaoyang, Shaodong in Hunan Province.

Please search the homepage for detailed bus routes.

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